Theses – PhD Program

– Shahbaz Alvi (XXXV ciclo)
“Constraining the dark components of the Universe through CMB and Large Scale Structure”
Advisor: Luca Pagano
Co-advisor: Massimiliano Lattanzi

– Luca Caloni (XXXV cycle)
“Charting new physics territories with cosmological observations”
Advisor: Massimiliano Lattanzi
Co-advisor: Martina Gerbino

– Serena Giardiello (XXXV cycle)
“Hide and seek: how instrumental systematic effects in forthcoming CMB experiments can mask or unveil the Universe’s secrets”
Advisor: Martina Gerbino
Co-advisor: Luca Pagano

– Caterina Chiocchetta (XXXIV cycle)
“Investigating Cosmology with angular power spectra from small to large scales”
Advisor: Luca Pagano,
External advisor: Mattia Negrello (Cardiff)

– Margherita Lembo (XXXIII cycle)
“Digging for treasure: delving deep into maps of polarized CMB radiation in light of next-generation experiments”
Advisor: Massimiliano Lattanzi

– Umberto Natale (XXXIII cycle)
“Distilling information from present and future CMB datasets: the cases of large-scale polarization and lensing”
Advisor: Paolo Natoli

– Francesco Forastieri (XXX cycle)
“Probing the neutrino sector through Cosmic Microwave Background observations”
Advisor: Paolo Natoli
Coadvisor: Massimiliano Lattanzi

– Linda Polastri (XXX cycle)
“The next generation experiments for CMB anisotropies: from balloons to space”
Advisor: Paolo Natoli
Coadvisor: Diego Molinari