Theses and PhD Research Projects

The Cosmology group in Ferrara offers a wide range of projects to be developed for the fullfillment of the requirements for

– Bachelor’s degree
– Master’s degree
– PhD degree

Recent projects for Bachelor’s and Master’s theses include:

– constraints on primordial black holes (Bachelor’s);
– shortcomings of the standard cosmological model and the inflation (Bachelor’s);
– constraints on decaying dark matter (Master’s);
– measurements of kinematic boost of cosmological backgrounds with future CMB satellite experiments (Master’s);
– forecast measurements of V modes (circular polarization) from analysis of HWP instrumental systematics (Master’s)
– CMB limits on primordial black holes (Master’s)
– cosmological constraints on neutrino non-standard interactions (Master’s)
– cosmic anomalies as a probe of BSM physics (Master’s).

For a list of completed PhD programs, please refer to the PhD theses page.

For a list of PhD research projects, please refer to the Students page.

If you are interested in any of the above, please contact us via email. Contacts can be found in the senior members area of the website.