Margherita Lembo

Margherita Lembo


Margherita Lembo is a cosmologist. Her research is mainly focused on the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). Margherita did her PhD at the University of Ferrara, then she moved to Sussex University (UK) as “Angelo Della Riccia” fellow. She is now back in Ferrara as a postdoc.
On one hand, she works on the possibility of extracting new information from CMB polarization, with different approaches. She has developed a novel formalism that interprets the mixing between CMB polarization components in terms of an effective susceptibility tensor. This allows to easily compute CMB spectra, including parity-violating power spectra (e.g., EB and TB) and the circular polarization power spectrum. She is now working on applying this formalism to the most general model involving violation of the CPT symmetry and of Lorentz Invariance. She is also studying the sensitivity of future CMB experiments, such as LiteBIRD, to circular polarization as a probe of new physics. Additionally, she is currently exploiting the Planck 2018 data in order to constrain anisotropic cosmic birefringence.
On the other hand, Margherita is working on CMB lensing. More specifically, she works on the biases that arise on CMB lensing when you mask foregrounds that are correlated with the lensing signal. This is particularly timing considering the high resolution that will be reached by future CMB experiments.
Finally, she is also involved in the Euclid CMBX Science Working Group, mostly on testing the recipe of the ISWxGalaxy likelihood.



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