Massimiliano Lattanzi

Massimiliano Lattanzi


INFN Researcher (tenured)

Massimiliano Lattanzi is a permanent researcher at the Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) and an adjoint professor at the University of Ferrara, where he teaches an introductory course on Cosmology. He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” working on cosmological constraints on neutrino physics. After that, he was a postdoc, among others, at the Instituto de Fisíca Corpuscular (Valencia, ES), at the University of Oxford (UK) and at the University of Ferrara.

Massimiliano is a theoretical physicist working at the interface between cosmology and particle physics. In particular, he studies the cosmological phenomenology of particle physics models, with the aim of extracting information on these models from cosmological observations. For example, he carries on a long-standing activity on cosmological constraints on neutrino properties, including their masses as well as more exotic properties like non-standard neutrino interactions. He also studies the “dark” components of the Universe in relation to hypotethical particles like, e.g., sterile neutrinos, axions, majorons.

He has also a strong background in the analysis and interpretation of cosmic microwave background (CMB) anisotropies and large-scale structure (LSS) data, and in statistical inference and Bayesian methods in general. He was a member of the Core Team of the Planck collaboration, and played a key role in the analysis of the large-scale polarization data of the Low-Frequency Instrument (LFI) on board Planck, developing and validating the likelihood code employed in the 2015 Planck data release. Massimiliano is currently involved in the LiteBIRD and LSPE experiments for the observation of CMB polarization and is a member of the Euclid consurtium. For the latter, he leads the activity on the development of a likelihood framework for the cross-correlation between CMB observations and LSS data from the ESA Euclid satellite.

Massimiliano strongly believes in the importance of education and public outreach. He has supervised many theses, at the bachelor, master and Ph.D. level. He contributes, since 2015, to outreach activities for high-school students organised by the University of Ferrara. In 2017 he partecipated to a discussion with the general public on the documentary about CERN “Il Senso della Bellezza”. He contributed to the “Pint of Science” series in Ferrara by giving, in 2019, an informal talk on the develpoment of the inflationary paradigm.




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