Mario Ballardini

Mario Ballardini


Current position: Researcher at Ferrara University.

Mario Ballardini is a researcher at the University of Ferrara. He got a Ph.D in Astronomy at the University of Bologna in 2016, then moved to the University of the Western Cape (Cape Town, ZA) and University of Bologna as a postdoc. He was visiting fellow at the Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA) in 2018 and affiliated researcher of the University of the Western Cape between 2019-2022.
Mario is a cosmologist interested in different areas at the interface of theory, phenomenology, and data analysis. Data-wise his primary focus is on Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) and large-scale structure (LSS) data. In particular, he is interested in how combinations and cross-correlations between CMB and LSS can fully bring into play the synergy between these two probes.
He studies the phenomenology of cosmic inflation, primordial features, and scalar-tensor modified gravity theories through the use of precision cosmological and astrophysical data.
Mario has been core-team member of the Planck Collaboration and member of the CORE Collaboration. Currently, he is a member of the Euclid Collaboration, in particular of the working group on cross-correlations between cosmic microwave background anisotropies and large-scale structure surveys and of the theory working group. He is also a member of the LiteBIRD Collaboration contributing to the studies for cosmic inflation.



Office: 421 Block C