Salvatore Samuele Sirletti

Samuele Salvatore Sirletti

PhD student

I anno (XXXVII ciclo)

Samuele Salvatore Sirletti

Salvatore Samuele is a PhD student of the National Doctoral Course in Space Science and Technology (DN-SST), which has a bureaucratic headquarters at the University of Trento. This doctorate “has as its objective the training of young PhDs in the field of science, engineering, technology and international relations in the space sector, through the acquisition and development of knowledge and skills in the research areas of interest to the twenty-seven participating universities and research bodies”.
In his master’s thesis work, developed between the Goethe Universität in Frankfurt am Main and the University of Naples – Federico II, Salvatore Samuele worked out the construction of solutions of gravitational field equations and new kinds of exotic compact objects starting from non-commutative geometry, a theory of quantum gravity that assumes a discrete structure of space-time.
Just after his graduation, Salvatore Samuele spent a period of 5 months at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (Netherlands) where he studied methods to test non-commutative geometry and non-local effects of gravity with spin entanglement, namely with quantum information theory.
As part of the DN-SST, the University of Ferrara participates with a scholarship on “Constraints from space borne observations of the cosmic microwave background and of the large scale structure of the Universe”. In Ferrara, Salvatore Samuele will use his theoretical knowledge to set up a work between theory and data analysis. It is expected that during the three-year period Salvatore Samuel will use his knowledge of Fundamental Physics to develop models of new Physics, and then test them using data from the cosmic background radiation (CMB) and the large-scale structure of the Universe (LSS).


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