Serena Giardiello

Serena Giardiello

PhD student

III year (XXXV cycle)

Serena’s research activity is mainly focused on the study of the propagation of systematic effects in experiments observing the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). For the future LiteBIRD satellite, she has studied the half-wave plate (HWP) systematics and their effect on the constraints on the amplitude of primordial gravitational waves. For the ground-based Simons Observatory, she is studying the propagation of systematic effects related to bandpasses, calibration and polarization angle on the constraining power of the high-ell CMB data collected by the Large Aperture Telescope (LAT). Her activity includes the development of the LAT likelihood code (LAT_MFLike) and of the LiteBIRD simulation code (litebird_sim), tested through the development of the first baseline end-to-end simulation pipeline. She is also working on the theoretical interpretation of cosmological data, e.g. the effects at the CMB power spectrum level of cosmic birefringence induced by Lorentz-violating physics.



Office: Bulding C, room 429