Martina Gerbino

Martina Gerbino

INFN Researcher (tenured)

Martina Gerbino is an INFN Permanent Researcher and associate, University of Ferrara. She graduated in Rome “Sapienza”, then moved to the Oskar Klein Centre (Stockholm) and Argonne National Laboratory (USA) as a postdoc.

She is a theoretical physicist working at the interface between theory and and observations, with a particular focus on testing fundamental physics theories against data. She has strong expertise in CMB data analysis and interpretation, as well as phenomenological investigation of theoretical models with a focus on neutrino physics. She has been a Planck core-team member. She was a key player of Planck/LFI low resolution data analysis, and development and validation of the likelihood code employed in the 2015 data release. She is a member of the Simons Observatory collaboration, where she co-leads the “Likelihood and Theory” working group; of the CMB-S4 collaboration, where she serves as a member of the Governing Board and of the Publication Committee; of the LiteBIRD collaboration. She contributes to the studies for modelling systematics (e.g., polarization angle, HWP non-idealities) and propagating them to cosmological parameters.

Martina is a strong supporter of the importance of education and public outreach. She recently contributed to outreach activities for high-school students organised at the University of Ferrara; she has given an informal talk on history of neutrino observations for the “Astronomy on Tap” series in Berkeley; she has been one of the “Soapbox Science” speakers of the 2019 event in Chicago. Martina co-leads the “Education and Public Outreach” working group for the Simons Observatory collaboration. She is responsible for the scientific content of the official Simons Observatory website.


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Office: 402 Blocco C