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List of Tables

  1. WFC GRBs List (July 1996 - December 2001)
  2. (continue)
  3. Main features of the scientific instruments
  4. PDS main characteristics
  5. GRBM main characteristics.
  6. Count Distributions over the expected background
  7. Example of NTBs caught by the early SWTCs.
  8. 18 IPN GRBs with GRBM contribution (Apr. 2000 - Dec. 2001)
  9. WFC GRBs (Apr. 2000 - Dec. 2001)
  10. Time intervals adopted for the search for common bursts
  11. Quest Parameters adopted for the different rebin times
  12. Final Classification of off-line triggers
  13. Final Catalog of GRBs detected with the GRBM
  14. GRBs detected as a function of the year.
  15. Well Localized GRBs detected by the GRBM
  16. GRBM & BATSE GRBs.
  17. GRBM & BATSE non-triggered GRBs.
  18. GRBM & BATSE GRBs: detected and expected.
  19. GRBM off-line efficiency as a function of the local direction, according to a cube grid (top table), and to a dodecahedron grid (bottom table).
  20. Some Ratemeter Dead Time Corrections
  21. Parameters of the Gaussian + Constant functions, best fitting the HR distribution.
  22. GRB positioned with the only GRBM.
  23. SGR Events detected with GRBM.
  24. Parameters obtained by fitting the GRBM spectra of the two flares with broken power law plus black body (Guidorzi et al. interpretation).
  25. GRBM Catalog (1G) of Gamma-Ray Bursts
  26. GRBM Catalog (1G): Durations and Hardness Ratios
  27. Parameters obtained by fitting the GRBM spectrum of GRB980516 with three laws: apart from one value ($1\sigma$), all uncertainties are $3\sigma$. (Courtesy of E. Montanari).

Cristiano Guidorzi 2003-07-31