Umberto Natale

Umberto Natale

XXXIII cycle


Umberto’s research interest spaces both theoretical and data analysis aspects, with particular attention devoted to characterisation and interpretation of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) data to constrain cosmological models.
His research topic is mainly focussed on the study of the so-called “CMB anomalies”, that are unexpected features of the CMB fluctuation with a statistical significance around 2-3 sigma level with respect to LCDM model. He worked on cosmological parameters estimations, with particular attention devoted to the Thomson scattering optical depth to reionization, τ. In the context of cosmological observations, this parameter provides information about the ionization history of the Universe. Moreover, measures of τ can make us able to further investigate some unexpected CMB features, such as the lack of power anomaly.

Umberto defended his thesis in 2021. He is currently a postdoc researcher at Cardiff University, UK.