Lavori recenti

La lista dei dieci articoli piu’ recenti pubblicati da persone del gruppo:

– S. Giardiello, M. Gerbino, L. Pagano et al, “The Simons Observatory: impact of bandpass, polarization angle and calibration uncertainties on small-scale power spectrum analysis”, , e-Print: 2403.05242  [astro-ph.CO]

– G. Zagatti, M. Bortolami, A. Gruppuso, P. Natoli and L. Pagano, “Planck constraints on Cosmic Birefringence and its cross-correlation with the CMB”, , e-Print: 2401.11973  [astro-ph.CO]

– C. Shiveshwarkar, T. Brinckmann and M. Loverde, “Constraining general multi-field inflation using the SPHEREx all-sky survey”, , e-Print: 2312.15038  [astro-ph.CO]

– K. V. Berghaus, T. Karwal, V. Miranda and T. Brinckmann, “The Cosmology of Dark Energy Radiation”, , e-Print: 2311.08638  [hep-ph]

– G.F. Abellán, M. Braglia, M. Ballardini et al, “Probing Early Modification of Gravity with Planck, ACT and SPT”, JCAP 12 (2023) 017, e-Print: 2308.12345  [astro-ph.CO]

– A. G. Ferrari, M. Ballardini, F. Finelli, D. Paoletti and N. Mauri, “Cosmological effects of the Galileon term in Scalar-Tensor Theories”, Phys.Rev.D 108 (2023) 6, 063520, e-Print: 2307.02987  [astro-ph.CO]

– C. Shiveshwarkar, T. Brinckmann, M. Loverde and M. McQuinn, “Post-inflationary Contamination of Local Primordial Non-Gaussianity in Galaxy Power Spectra”, Phys.Rev.D 108 (2023) 10, 103538, e-Print: 2306.07517  [astro-ph.CO]

– G. Galloni, M. Ballardini, N. Bartolo, A. Gruppuso and L. Pagano, “Unraveling the CMB lack-of-correlation anomaly with the cosmological gravitational wave background”, JCAP 10 (2023) 013, e-Print: 2305.18184  [astro-ph.CO]

– M. Ballardini, A. G. Ferrari and F. Finelli, “Phantom scalar-tensor models and cosmological tensions”, JCAP 04 (2023) 029, e-Print: 2302.05291  [astro-ph.CO]

– K. Wolz, N. Krachmalnicoff and L. Pagano, “Inference of the optical depth to reionization from Planck CMB maps with convolutional neural networks”, Astron.Astrophys. 676 (2023) A30, e-Print: 2301.09634  [astro-ph.CO]