Student research opportunities

Tutoring thesis students comes natural to us. Many of us have done our own thesis projects here so we understand the challenges you face and take pride in answering your questions. You’ll work one-on-one with a faculty adviser on an original research that showcases your intellectual growth. In the process, you'll build skills that will serve you for a lifetime, whether you move into the business world or continue your academic career.

Doing a thesis with us often involves the opportunity to be on site. Not only does that give us a better understanding of your skills; you will get to know us better as well. We believe that a strong relationship leads to better thesis projects for all parties.

With us you’ll learn how to write up your thesis whose results could be part of a subsequent scientific publication or conference proceeding. Our involvement in international experiments will give you access to an international network in the field of physics. We'll value your ideas, enthusiasm, and academic curiosity, because your work will be making an important contribution, not just to your growth but to ours. And, because a good degree is a good start, we may be working together after your thesis as well.

Take a look at past Bachelor, Master, PhD theses.

We offer a broad spectrum of topics on different levels (Bachelor, Master, and PhD), including:

  • nuclear and subnuclear geophysics
  • neutrino physics and technology
  • geoneutrinos: phenomenology and analysis of experimental results
  • reactor antineutrinos: phenomenology and analysis of experimental results
  • JUNO physics and detector
  • machine learning for ecosystem modelling and mapping
  • UAV technology for monitoring and characterization of environmental changes
  • advanced IoT sensors development for assessing environmental conditions
  • airborne gamma ray spectrometry for mapping natural and artificial radioactivity
  • multi-platform data acquisition for precision agriculture
  • web app development for visualization of spatial data

If any of these topics sound interesting to you don’t hesitate to reach out or fill this form.