Matteo Albéri

The main interests of my research activity regard the multiparametric remote sensing with attention to in-situ and airborne gamma-ray spectroscopy for environmental monitoring.

Planetarist. Photography and drumming enthusiast.

Enrico Chiarelli

As a computer scientist my main focus is software engineering and development but I have a keen interest for all kinds of engineering. 3D printing/Arduino enthusiast!

Giovanni Fiorentini (1948 – 2022)

Professor emeritus. Main interests are Neutrinos and applications of Nuclear Physics to different disciplines, such as Astrophysics, Earth Sciences and Nuclear Medicine.

Michele Franceschi

My main scientific interests are neutrino physics and gamma-ray spectroscopy (both in-situ and airborne) for environmental monitoring. I also have a great interest in physics education and teaching in secondary schools. Football and refereeing enthusiast.

Fabio Gallorini

My research interests are focused on the modeling of groundwater flow and its preservation.

Nicola Lopane

Curiosity, challenge, innovation, these are the cornerstones that have inspired my interest in the field of exploration and applied geophysics.

I’m the youngest, but I dream big.

Andrea Maino

Former Astroparticle physicist, I now look at Nuclear physics and Geophysics as challenges and learning opportunities. My interests span from neutrino physics to radioactivity and machine learning algorithms.

Jack of all trades, master of none.

Fabio Mantovani

When I was a child I dreamed to be a scientist: now I try to be a scientist with child's eyes.

Dario Petrone

Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work.

Kassandra Raptis

BSc in Physics, I specialise in data analysis and the production of thematic environmental maps.

Barbara Ricci

I am mainly interested in neutrino physics, moving from the Sun to the Earth. In the last few years I have been also involved in outreach activity. I am a lucky person: I make a wonderful job within a great team.

Virginia Strati

My research interest lies in the interaction field of Earth Sciences, Statistics and Physics. I like to explore the potentialities of interdisciplinary applications and to face scientific challenges emerging from the interaction of these different, but not distant, fundamental disciplines.