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Automatic Estimation of Total Counts

Once one of the SWTCs has triggered a transient event at the $i$th bin, the values of $\sigma_u^{(e)}(i)$ and $B_u^{(e)}(i)$ become fixed, to avoid biases: these fixed values are then used to calculate the net signals $S_u^{(e)}(i)$ and to test the SWTCs for the following bins by means of the eqq. [*], [*], [*], [*], until every SWTC is no longer matched for at least $N_{sb}=5$ (Number of bins per Single Burst) contiguous bins: this choice is supported by the need to tag a single burst, when this shows many peaks apart; otherwise, a multi-peak, long burst, would be triggered by the SWTCs as many different events.

Cristiano Guidorzi 2003-07-31