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The Early SWTCs

The criteria, used for this GRB quest, are different from those used for the on-board trigger (hereafter OBTCs). We call them ``SoftWare Trigger Conditions'' (hereafter SWTCs). The SWTCs changed with time. The early SWTCs were discussed by [Guidorzi et al., 2000a], while the most recent conditions are discussed by [Guidorzi et al., 2000b,Guidorzi et al., 2001a,Guidorzi et al., 2001b]. In this section we discuss the early SWTCs, while in the next section we discuss the newest ones. The GRBs, that matched both the OBTCs and the SWTCs, are called ``on-board triggered bursts'' (OTBs), while the GRBs that matched the only SWTCs are called ``nontriggered bursts'' (NTBs); finally, we call the GRBs that triggered the only OBTCs ``only on-board triggered bursts'' (OOTBs).


Cristiano Guidorzi 2003-07-31