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Non-GRBs from Stern's Catalog

From the cross-check of the GRBM off-line triggers and the catalog from Stern et al., two common transient events have been found, that we classified as not due to cosmic GRBs, but SGR bursts. The two SGR events are the following: January 10, 1999, UT 08:39:01, classified by Stern as trigger 11188b, is due to SGR1900+14 and has been detected also by Konus/WIND (table [*]); the second SGR burst occurred on June 22, 1998, UT 14:11:25, classified by Stern as trigger 10986b, is due to SGR1627-41, and it has been detected by Konus as well.

Cristiano Guidorzi 2003-07-31