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8. Soft Gamma-ray Repeaters

The Soft Gamma-ray Repeaters (hereafter SGRs) are typically too soft to trigger the SWTCs, especially the HR condition [*]; nevertheless, it seldom happens that the HR, as it automatically estimated, could overcome the above cited HR condition. Apart from the two giant flares come from the SGR1900+14 (August 27, 1998, and April 18, 2001), the typical burst activity from these sources consists of brief and soft pulses with durations $<$ 1 s; therefore, provided that such events have triggered the GRBM on-board logic, so that their HTR profiles could be available. Our results have been cross-checked with SGR activity reports from other missions, particularly from the recent one from Konus/WIND ([Aptekar, et al., 2001]). In particular, in common with Konus/WIND we discovered that the GRBM units triggered SGR bursts from three out of the four known SGRs: 1900+14, 1627-41 and 1806-20 (chapter 6).

Cristiano Guidorzi 2003-07-31