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The GRBM in the 3rd IPN

A great contribution was given by the GRBM to the IPN, as soon as the automatic on-line GRB quest became operative, i.e. since April 2000. A detailed analysis of the GRBM contribution to the IPN before this date is given in [Hurley, 2000b]: therein, a set of 16 bursts, which had been previously localized with high accuracy by other experiments, has been used to test the agreement of the Ulysses-BeppoSAX annuli with the known positions and the possibility of constraining error regions derived from experiments like the WFCs and/or the NFIs aboard BeppoSAX.
Figure: Example of a 31.25 ms GRBM light curve used for the IPN: GRB010412.
\epsfig{file=grb010412_grbm1.eps, width=16cm}\end{center}\end{figure}


Cristiano Guidorzi 2003-07-31