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Durations and HRs

Table A.2 reports for 1023 bursts information about the GRB durations and hardness ratios; for the remaining 1082-1023=59 bursts, estimates of the durations $T_{90}$ and $T_{50}$ have not been possible.

Like for the previous tables, the first four columns report the name, date and off-line trigger times of each burst, the catalog name sharing each burst, and the burst identification number, respectively. Then, the next three columns have the following meanings: the first reports the $T_{90}$ (s) with 1-$\sigma$ uncertainties; the second column includes the $T_{50}$ (s) (1-$\sigma$ uncertainties), and the third column reports the HR (1-$\sigma$ uncertainties).

The duration estimates have been derived from the HTR data only for those OTBs, whose profiles are entirely covered with high time resolution.

Cristiano Guidorzi 2003-07-31