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3. Suspected GRBs

This class includes transient events that are suspected to be GRBs, but with a lower confidence level than the Likely GRBs. The majority of these events have durations $\leq$ 1 s, and did not trigger the on-board logic (thus, no High Time Resolution -hereafter HTR- count rates are available for them); in other words, these events may be considered as mild short burst candidates, for which no decisive inspection of any HTR profile is feasible, unless the same short GRB has triggered other experiments simultaneously, like BATSE; only in this case, the non-triggered short burst candidate is raised to the rank of GRB (1st class). A strong contamination of spikes, owing to high-energy particles, is possible; however, since this class has not been taken into account any further, this kind of non-GRB contamination will be ignored in the following.

Cristiano Guidorzi 2003-07-31