Cristiano Guidorzi

Department of Physics and Earth Science, University of Ferrara
via Saragat, 1
44122 - Ferrara (Italy)
Ph. (+39) 0532-974368

Hello! My name is Cristiano Guidorzi and I am associate professor at the University of Ferrara. I work in the field of High-Energy Astrophysics, Time Domain Astronomy and Transient Sky. I study explosive events like massive stars that end up their brief (astronomical standards) and intense life producing so-called gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) and related phenomena . I am also interested in timing analysis techniques (e.g., power spectral analysis, singular spectrum analysis, wavelets), stochastic vs. deterministic processes, non-linear dynamical systems, and their astrophysical applications. I also have a penchant for astrostatistics and for Bayesian analysis: PCA, exploratory data analysis, Markov-Chain Monte-Carlo techniques. Last but not least, I am still on the learning curve of machine learning techniques and eager to progress quickly.



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Research Interests

Selected Publications

My codes

High-energy Astrophysics in Ferrara and our LAB: The Ferrara LARIX (LARge Italian X-ray facility)

Gamma-Ray Bursts with Swift

GRBM/BeppoSAX: Gamma-Ray Burst Catalogue

The 2-m Robotic Liverpool Telescope

Useful Links

C.Guidorzi, A. Zanzi, "Problemi di Fisica generale 1", Casa Editrice Ambrosiana - Zanichelli (2017)

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Proposte di Tesi di Laurea Triennale e Magistrale (febbraio 2023)


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