Master’s Degree in Physics

Master’s Degree in Physics

Suggested Study Tracks

The Master Degree in Physics includes:

  • 6 required courses;
  • 6 optional courses;
  • the preparation of the degree thesis.

The required courses, listed in the table here below, include both in-depth subjects in the field of theoretical physics and mathematical methods of physics, and an overview of topics related to the different sectors of experimental physics. Interdisciplinarity is in fact one of the distinguishing traits that are of paramount importance for the background knowledge of a modern physicist.

Required CoursesSSDAtt.CFUSem./Anno
Mathematical Methods of PhysicsFIS/02B26I/1
Quantum MechanicsFIS/02B26I/1
Statistical PhysicsFIS/04B36II/1
Elements of Subnuclear PhysicsFIS/02B26II/1
Solid State PhysicsFIS/03B36I/1
Astrophysical Processes (New)FIS/01B16I/1

The optional courses allow to tailor the Master Degree in Physics according to personal cultural interests and to the possible post-graduate professional opportunities. In the present document some reference tracks are presented, that may help in the preparation of the individual study plan.

The rules that must be followed when preparing the individual study plan are presented in the table at the end of this document. Based on these formal rules, different reference tracks can be identified and are presented below. For each reference track, the students should choose among the listed Courses, paying attention to the suggested ones, selecting two Courses highlighted in grey and two in yellow in each track. The choice of the two remaining optional courses is free.


For any information and clarification, please contact:

Prof. Paolo Lenisa                    – Coordinator of the Course in Physics

Dr. Claudia Zamorani               – Didactics Manager of the Course in Physics