Ferrara International School Niccolò Cabeo 2013

Physics beyond the standard model:
the precision frontier

May, 20-24 2013
IUSS, Via Scienze 41b, 44121 Ferrara (Italy)

Chairs: C. Bozzi, P. Lenisa, I. Masina (Univ. Ferrara & INFN)

It is nowdays well established that the Standard Model is not the ultimate theory of the basic consitutents of our universe and their interactions. The challenge of the present and futurre fundamental research is to investigate the limits of the Standard Model and establish the experimental basis for a new and more complete theory.
Complementary to the global and highly localized effort of high-energy exploration at CERN, a plethora of worldwide-spread small and middle scale experiments are exploiting precision measurements to seek for sign of physics not included in the Standard Model.
The present School addresses graduate students and young researchers and is meant to offer an overview of these experimental searches in the theoretical framework of present effective field theories.
Program includes introductory lectures to quantum field theroy and supersimmetry and dedicated experimental presentations on flavour physics and the search for EDM, antimatter, antigravity, dark-forces, gravitational waves.

Local Organizing Committee:
  L. Barion, S. Bertelli, G. Ciullo, G. Guidoboni, L. De Marco, A. Pesce L. Pappalardo