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4 - 7 July, 2011 IUSS Ferrara 1391, Ferrara, Italy

Girolamo Savonarola

The SuperB Computing R&D Workshop will take place at the University Institute for Higher Studies, IUSS - Ferrara 1391, in Ferrara (Italy) between July 4 and 7, 2011.

The workshop will run from Monday afternoon to Thursday afternoon.

The Workshop will be an opportunity to address in an extensive way, and with the additional contributions of external experts, the topics that are felt to be crucial for the development of the future SuperB computing model.

In particular, the meeting will be focused on:

  • reviewing the SuperB requirements;
  • exploring the directions of evolution of current HEP computing models;
  • understanding and exploiting the experience gathered so far in BaBar and other HEP collaborations;
  • addressing the opportunities created by the technological advances that are likely to take place on the SuperB time scale;
  • identifying the studies and developments that should be accomplished in the near future;

The expected outcome should be a prioritized plan describing the computing R&D activities to be carried out in preparation of the SuperB Computing TDR.

The workshop represents a great opportunity for interested physicists and computing professionals, both from the SuperB community and from outside, to participate in stimulating discussions and to join the exciting endeavor of collaborating in shaping the future SuperB computing model.

Registration will close on June 30.

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