Polarized Fuel for Fusion at INFN and Unife Of Ferrara
a Workshop on new ideas, projects

2ND and 3RD October, 2017
Hotel Europa,
Corso della Giovecca 49, 44121 Ferrara (Italy)

Spin game fresco (Game hall) in the Estense Castle of Ferrara
Sebastiano Filippi (Bastianino) XVI sec.

In recent years, spin physics has reached a new level of understanding and new techniques allow to polarize 3He atoms and hydrogen isotopes efficiently.
But before they can be used as polarized fuel for the energy production by nuclear fusion, several questions must be answered. Till now, the fusion program is concentrated on first generation reactors like ITER, but the possibility to handle polarized fuel might open a new way of more efficient and "clean" fusion reactors.

In the mainframe of our PolFusion project, which is devoted to nuclear fusion with polarized fuel, we will organize a summary meeting on the status of different projects worldwide and further discussion on satellite topics.
We hope to involve people working on other fusion projects for open discussion.

Scientific responsibles signed the PREFER Cooperation Agreement
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