The Dual Master Degree in Physics

A general master's in Physics
One year at Ferrara - one year at Tirana
and two degrees

The University of Ferrara, founded in 1391, is one on the oldest universities in Europe and its departments are located in prestigious historical buildings throughout the city. Its identity is rooted in the historical and cultural tradition that welcomed and formed famous figures such as Copernico and Paracelso. In terms of its size, facilities, quality and quantity of education it is a point of excellence within Italy, which is also demonstrated by its excellent results in international rankings.
The Faculty of Natural Sciences is located near by the city center. Its first laboratories of Physics, Chemistry and Biology were built up on 1946 and after 1957 this faculty is part of the first Albanian University, the University of Tirana. The Faculty of Natural Sciences is the most important institution of Albania for Teaching and Research in natural sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Mathematics and Informatics.

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